financial INclusion and digital skills 

Ensuring All Londoners Can Manage their Money Well

Challenge Partner: Lloyds Banking Group

Too many people in the UK still have no bank account or cannot get access to basic or fairly priced financial services. At the same time a tenth of the adult population (at working age) are still without basic digital skills. Bringing people into the financial system can quantifiably improve household and national well-being. Lloyds Banking Group recognises that more needs to be done by businesses and government to reduce the threat of digital exclusion and promote financial inclusion.

The Lloyds Banking Group Financial Inclusion and Digital Skills Challenge is looking for startups and SMEs to develop solutions that will help people learn digital skills and access better banking services. For example, this could be by using Open Banking APIs to create more inclusive advice, products and services, or by creating better ways to gain digital skills and financial education.


Do you have an innovative solution for financial inclusion and digital skills? 


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