electric vehicles 

Preparing London for Zero Emissions Transport 

Challenge Partner: National Grid, Shell

Thousands of Londoners are dying prematurely from long-term exposure to air pollution every year with other health impacts over the course of our lives. The Mayor's Transport and Environment strategies are clear that increasing the use of electric vehicles will help to radically reduce air pollution and support decarbonisation in London. However, in order for this to happen we need to expand electric vehicle infrastructure across the capital.

Many factors have hindered the deployment of charge points by the private sector in London. The commercial viability is challenging while usage is still low, yet more charge points are required to encourage uptake. There is a lack of knowledge of customer charging habits including location, time and duration, and the pace of technology of electric car development creates risks for charge point operators.  

The National Grid Electric Vehicles challenge is calling for startups and SMEs to develop sustainable solutions for charging electric vehicles that will improve access and increase uptake. For example this could be by using data to optimise siting and utilisation of charging points, improving the design and access to charge points in urban areas, or by finding additional revenue streams for charge points during periods of low usage.

Do you have an innovative solution for electric vehicle charging?


National Grid 

“Enabling the uptake of electric vehicles is a massive challenge for the UK on its journey towards decarbonisation. National Grid is really excited to be sponsoring companies that can help accelerate the changes needed through innovations in the electric vehicle market. In the future, almost all of the cars we own will be electric, getting the infrastructure right is key to future proofing the electric vehicle charging network."

Martin Cook, Head of Electric Vehicle Development, National Grid