Delivering affordable Homes 

Ensuring Housing is Available for All 

Challenge Partner: Transport for London (TfL)

TfL is delivering homes on its land on behalf of the Mayor, of which 50% are to be affordable. By providing quality homes for all Londoners in an environmentally sustainable way, TfL seeks to become a leading London developer, with the aim of starting on the sites that will ultimately deliver 10,000 homes by March 2021.

TfL maintains a comprehensive database covering the whole of London, including more than 300 data sets on transport, environmental, and socio-economic factors. This provides one of the richest data sources in the UK, which sits ready for analysis. However, due to the size of TfL’s estate, this data has not been mobilised in the context of property development.

The data sets have varying levels of complexity, granularity, completeness and relatability (to complimentary data sets), examples of data sets available include; walking, buses, cycling, freight, demographic, air quality, traffic, safety, land use, property developed, TfL assets and London Underground

TfL is looking for start-ups and SMEs to co-create a new digital tool – one that leverages and visualises our data so as to deliver insight into how TfL can best deliver more homes across London, in line with the London Plan.

Do you have an innovative data solution for delivering affordable homes? 


Transport for London

“We are really looking forward to working with startups and other partners to ensure Londoners have good access to homes and can easily travel around the city. This is central to quickly developing innovative solutions to deliver more homes and offer better options to encourage more journeys to be made by walking, cycling and public transport.”

Lilli Matson, Director of Transport Strategy at TfL